Terminator T800 Arm Finished!

Well, I got so engrossed in completing this project that I didn’t update the blog for quite some time. I’m now going back and “filling in the gaps” with the build info. I’ll start by wrapping it up with the final summary and pictures.

I’m very proud of how everything turned out, especially since when I started I had little more than some metal and a saber saw. A lot of things were built along the way and every one of them was worth it since I learned so much. This project was one long education.

The final arm is fully articulated and I finished a acrylic display for it with some custom lighting. It took approximately two years of spare time from start to finish. In hindsight that seems extraordinarily fast when I include everything else that was built to help the process, not the least of which was my custom written CNC software & software (see the my blog section on MillDroid).


Fini1IMG_0020 IMG_0003IMG_0026 IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0010 IMG_0014 IMG_0017 IMG_0021IMG_0011