Category: <span>Sliding Table for Bandsaw</span>


After I completed restoration of my bandsaw I needed a method of cutting smaller pieces while still keeping my fingers. I milled down some 3/8″ aluminum plate into a sliding table similiar to that used on a table saw. Some anodized miter bar and a few 10-32 machine screws counter bored into the surface kept everything together. The miter bar has two inset 10-32 screws to allow for precise alignment in the miter slot. I use a couple 1 and 2″ c-clamps to mount small pieces of metal to the cross member during cutting. It’s a very useful addition to a bandsaw and keeps all cuts at exactly 90 degrees.


I drilled and tapped several 10-32 holes into the sliding table. This let’s me use my mill clamps to hole pieces too small to safely hole with my fingers.



Sliding Table for Bandsaw